GE, Trilliant and AES collaborate for smart grid R&D project in Brazil

GE, Trilliant and AES Eletropaulo are collaborating in a smart grid research and development project—bringing the benefits of smart meters to the city of Sao Paulo and setting the stage for a more reliable and efficient energy infrastructure in Brazil. The first-of-its-kind project for the utility connects GE smart meters’ advanced technology through Trilliant’s wireless communication network to AES Eletropaulo’s meter data management center—improving system monitoring, identifying problems before they occur and reducing the duration of interruptions in energy supply.

ANEEL, the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, is currently studying a time-of-use rate proposal, where electricity rates vary according to when energy consumed. Findings are to be published later this year. With time-of-use rates and smart meters in place, consumers can monitor and manage their energy use and costs. In addition, utilities can incentivize customers to be more efficient and perform power-intensive activities during off-peak hours, reducing the need for Brazil to build costly new power generation plants, optimizing its smart grid technology investment and positively impacting the environment. The first step in realizing these benefits is to replace existing meters with smart meters.

The relationship between GE and Brazil goes back 90 years and was recently strengthened with the announcement of a new GE Global Research Center that is being installed in Rio de Janeiro. The $500 million dollar center will generate smart grid solutions to the specific needs of each country in the region.

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